Our Mission:
To create a single source for detailed, brand-specific size guides and fit information.
The ReplicasShoe.COM Story: 
Once upon a time, there was a little piggy who loved to shop online.  As she merrily clicked her way around the internet, however, she began to wonder if she'd stumbled into the wrong fairy tale!  "Hmph!  this one is far too large!  And this one!  It's clearly too small! . . . . Isn't there supposed to be a 'just right' one around here somewhere??"  Had the little piggy accidentally wandered into Goldilocks's story? 
Just as the little piggy was beginning to panic (she remembered bears came into the Goldilocks story somewhere!!) she noticed a strange recurring theme:  the "Modern Size Guide," "Women's Designer & Contemporary Size Guide," "Designer Apparel Size Guide" and other, similarly useless charts meant to apply to everything from the snug-fitting Herve Leger through the tentlike Diane Von Furstenberg collections!
Clearly, something had to be done, and thus, ReplicasShoe.COM was born.  Here you'll find brand-specific size guides, along with notes on fit and style for your favourite apparel and even shoe brands!  If you've ever been confused when confronted with a "peep-toe, ankle-tied hidden-platform stiletto," check out our Guide to Women's Shoe Styles, which includes a Glossary of Terminology: Women's Shoes as well as labelled photos illustrating the names of popular women's shoe styles.  We hope to provide you with all the information you need to make your online shopping experiences more successful and enjoyable! 
PS - At the little piggy's behest, there are no bears to be found anywhere on this site. 

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